“I loved going to the auditorium to see Elf”

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On November 14th, 32 Dilico youth and 10 chaperones were able to attend the show that will commence the holiday season for many individuals in Thunder Bay. We are eager to find out how much these wonderful children will have enjoyed this critically acclaimed show. Thank you to all those who helped make this possible by donating to our campaign. From our friends at Dilico:

“Dilico is so appreciate of the Foundations support to send so many of our children and youth to experience a high level performance. Their pledge of support has given our children, youth and families an amazing opportunity to experience a live performance with their favourite characters. This experience will be treasured for many years to come. We have heard how much attendee’s enjoyed the performance and passed on their joy to receive such a wonderful gift from the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium Foundation.”

and what did the kids think?

“This play was excellent, we loved the music, dancing and acting. We laughed and had a wonderful time watching this live. It was fun to get out of the unit so soon to watch this. Thank you for this opportunity”

Eathan has said it was GOOD he has seen shows at school before and would possibly like to see another at TBCA .

Nathan said It was awesome and funny and would definitely like to see another show in the future.

Riley said it was funny and enjoyed himself

“I loved going to the auditorium to see Elf”

Thank you to everyone who made this experience possible. If you would like to help give an underprivileged local youth an experience that will last life time, check out our Fill the Seats program.

A Legacy Gift that will support the arts for many in our community

Today we were lucky to be the recipients of a wonderful legacy gift from the estate of Joan Hanton in honour of Charles Johnson. This gift will support the Foundation in enriching lives by providing the “community” with access to cultural, arts and entertainment events in one of the finest concert halls in North America. Thank you Joan, your legacy will be a lasting one!

Thanks for stopping by!

Thank you to everyone that stopped by to see us at Bluesfest! We had a great turnout and raised $1,311 so the youth from the Thunder Bay Boys and Girls Club could attend some wonderful shows at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium! Congratulations to the winners of our draw, including:

  • Dinah Jung – hand made quilt by local quilter and board member Vicky Butt
  • James Wheatley – InTimes man’s watch donated by The Power Center
  • Mitch Albert – 2 tickets to Joe Bonamassa (courtesy of Bob Halverson)
  • Dwayne Poster – 2 TBCAF Golf shirts

Join us at the Thunder Bay Bluesfest for our raffle draw

Planning on attending the Thunder Bay Bluesfest this year? Drop by and visit us at our booth. We will be holding a raffle draw in support of our Fill the Seats program. Funds raised will go toward helping the Thunder Bay Boys and Girls Club attend Thunder Bay Community Auditorium concerts. Tickets will be sold at $3 each or 2 for $5. Prizes include:

  • 2 tickets to JOE Bonamassa (value $275 courtesy of Bob Halverson)
  • hand made quilt by local quilter and board member Vicky Butt ($650)
  • InTimes man’s watch ($140) donated by The Power Center

The Auditorium Foundation creates partnership with the Community Foundation

On May 23, 2017 the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium Foundation officially partnered with the Thunder Bay Community Foundation. The Auditorium Foundation is an organization that helps under privileged youth experience arts and culture at the Community Auditorium through their fill the seats initiative as well as provides the Community Auditorium with financial support and sponsorships for special activities such as Bluesfest. The Community Foundation provides support to local charities though grants and professional services as well as scholarships and bursaries to local students in Thunder Bay and the District of Thunder Bay.

This partnership will provide the Auditorium Foundation with several advantages including day to day monitoring of their financial portfolio with better fund investment growth due to the inclusion with the Community Foundation’s portfolio of over $10 million; a secure future for our finances knowing that if some day their volunteer board no longer exists, that the Auditorium Foundation funds accumulated over the past 30 years will always be protected in both an Agency Endowed and Non-Endowed Fund; more opportunities to be considered for Legacy Gifts; access to a professional administration team for marketing and promoting the Auditorium Foundation; improved networking with a myriad of other community charitable partners already in the Community Foundation thus allowing even more opportunities to bring the Auditorium experience to youth in Thunder Bay who might not ever experience the magic of a live performance in one of North Americas finest concert halls. This partnership will also allow Community Auditorium Foundation to focus more on their governance, promoting and delivering our Fill the Seats initiative, and working on fundraising strategies to provide the Community Auditorium with needed financial support.

“Like many small, volunteer arts foundations, we struggle to raise funds for our mandate. There is great competition in this city for donations against larger, professionally staffed health and education foundations. We worry about a secure future for our foundation and its board members. With this in mind, our board made the decision to join the family of community foundations under the safe and welcoming umbrella that is The Thunder Bay Community Foundation. To say we are thrilled with this merger is an understatement….it is a perfect fit for our mandate and our future.” Said Auditorium Foundation Board of Trustees Susan Lester.

“We are excited to welcome the Auditorium Foundation to the Community Foundation family. Providing them with support will be an overall benefit to our community and will help ensure the popularity of the Arts and Entertainment industry remains strong going into the future through our local youth” said Community Foundation Executive Director Bonnie Moore.