Carol Bruni, Director

Carol has been in love with the Community Auditorium since opening night. She is excited to have an opportunity to contribute.

Carol was born and raised in Thunder Bay. She “did time” in Toronto while pursuing her B.A. and B. Ed degrees at Glendon College of York University. Upon returning to Thunder Bay, she taught for the Thunder Bay District Catholic Board, spending many years as a teacher of music and art. A skilled potter and seamstress, Carol brings her enthusiasm for the creative arts to the inspiring performance art scene of Thunder Bay.

While teaching, Carol was instrumental in implementing accessible and affordable active recreation programs for the students she cherished, such as “Skiing in the Schools” and Paddlesports for Youth. She has seen the good that access to sport or art can do. She is thus especially energized about the core mandate of the Foundation to provide “access to cultural, arts and entertainment events in one of the finest concert halls in North America”.